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Rainbow Edition
Amanda R (Houston, US)
A happy accident

This kit was sent to me by mistake and I started working on it while waiting for my other kits. So far I’m having a blast and I can’t wait to finish the whole set!

Black Magic Edition
Katrina Hills (Spokane, US)
Great experience

I was impressed with how well they all went together. I am using them as decorations for my work and they are the perfect size.

Traditional Food Edition
T.F. (Pleasantville, US)
Food art

This is the best hobby I found. Love creating beautiful pieces

National Parks Edition
Sarah Blankenau (Lincoln, US)
Calming and Just the Right Size

I got these as a fun hobby/project and to frame to give to friends as gifts. It’s a calming activity after a long day of chasing my little kids around. I’m hooked!

Autumn Edition
Ginger Beck (Berlin, US)

This one was so fun to do!

Ocean Edition
Molly F. (Atlanta, US)

Super fun and super relaxing!

Kumkum Mehta (Riverside, US)
Quick and relaxing

I ordered this last week and it took me approx 1 hour to complete and I did spend some time trying to freshen up the edges. I think writing the paint pot numbers in onto the box could be helpful because eventually you’ll paint over the numbers on the canvas. Great addition to the PG family!

Butterfly Edition
Missy (Birmingham, US)
Absolutely loving it!!

I have really enjoyed this kit!! So easy, fun and mindless. I love it ❤️

This Blue Copper was my favorite to do!!

Autumn Edition
Rebecca H. (Denver, US)

I absolutely love how these paintings are turning out so far. The colors are vibrant and blend really well together, the patterns are adorable, and it's the perfect set to get your in the spirit for fall!

National Parks Edition
Danielle McCarthy (Ridgecrest, US)
Love these!

These are so beautiful and a lovely meditative task.

Black Wood Frame
Loretta Sacco (Chicora, US)
Black Frames

Love these frames as they finish the painting beautifully!! Another wonderful product from the company!! Thank you!

Birds Edition
Kate H. (Hampstead, US)
Beautiful Birbs

This is my first set ever and I am in love with it. I love how the pictures are small enough to not be daunting but big enough to be a 30 minute to 2 hour project (depending on the bird and which placer you use).
I have anxiety and honestly, this has been the best mindful activity I've done in a long time.
I'm definitely going to buy more designs when I can!

Storage Kit
Kristina (Chandler, US)
Perfect Size!

I'm obsessed with this storage kit - makes my OCD heart so happy haha I love that there's enough storage for many colors and all my gems don't have to stay in their plastic wrappings. Def a must buy if you haven't already!

Museum Edition
Breanne (Philadelphia, US)

I love these kits so much. While completing the Museum Kit it is like making the art yourself. Always excited to complete more kits!

Doors Edition
Kathryn Riordan (Bloomington, US)
So much fun!

Perfect 1-2 hour craft to do with friends or alone. I've gone through 4 boxes already! I've done quite a few of the bigger ones in the past and this is a nice size.

Safari Edition
Alicia H (Simi Valley, US)
Such cute animals

I just finished the safari edition and I have so many favorites, these will make such cute Christmas gifts for any animal lovers, can’t wait to get my second one soon!

Houseplants Edition 2
Lauren (Buffalo, US)
So stylish and so fun

I just have such a good time decompressing and doing these pictures! I did the House Plant 1 and 2 kits and actually made a wall piece with all of them!! Super cool! Would recommend to everyone!

Houseplants Edition
Joana G (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Such cute designs

I got the plant kit and it’s so cute!

Autumn Edition

Halfway through this set. Enjoying every minute. The fox is my personal favorite so far. Great fall colors!

Floral Edition
Rebecca Anderson (Yountville, US)
So perfect!

I already had the cute cow, but I needed something else, the flowers were a perfect addition. I just need more honeycomb for the rest of my flowers.

Zodiac Edition
Stephanie Tang (Fullerton, US)
Potential gifts

I have taken a break from my big Diamond painting and worked on one of them. Finished the Aquarius in an afternoon and am excited to work on the others. I loved how organized the gems/stickers are, Can’t wait to give them out as Christmas/birthday gifts to my friends!

Christmas Edition
Nancy Alley (Columbus, US)
Holiday Gem!

I got my first set, Christmas Edition, about a week ago. I finished the first one last night and have started my second. So much easier than the large makes me want to keep working. Great product!

Around The World Edition
Peggy M. (Newport Beach, US)
I love PaintGem!!

The Around The World Edition means a lot to me because my daughter and I have traveled to many of the places in this edition. I love having this little reminder that brings me so much joy and great memories. Plus the canvases are so detailed and vibrant. WINNING!!! ❤️

Floral Edition
Ty Pierce (Chicago, US)
It was relaxing!!

Since I have gotten my boxes, I did at least 2 each day and would actually stay up late to finish them. It was hard to stop once I started, but they are great and I can’t wait to hang them up in frames!

Mystery Edition
Mariana Austin (Houston, US)
Love it!

This is my first set and so far I am really enjoying it! I’ve done a few of them and can’t wait to finish it all.

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