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Windows Edition
Susan Grove (Huntington Beach, US)
The Windows Edition is a Keeper!

The designs are beautiful. It is very satisfying to lay in the gems in this beauty. The black separations of colors are in each canvas, and create a striking effect. I really love this one!

Houseplants Edition
Garrett C (Calgary, CA)
Awesome rainy weekend activity

These kits are awesome! My boyfriend and I did the plant set over a weekend and it was so addicting and gaming at the same time! Great kits

Museum Edition
Lynn Wilson (The Villages, US)
Museum Kit

So much fun and such high quality. I’m obsessed!

Floral Edition 2
Bente Frigg Johansen (Frederiksberg, DK)

A lot of beautiful colors and the drills fit perfectly together

Butterfly Edition
Morgan (Kenner, US)
Love it!

It was super fun to do and really good quality!

Windows Edition
Wendy Zollman (Oxford, US)

First time doing a square drill. Loved it. Turned out great. Beautifully packaged.

Tuscany Edition
Pauline B (Livonia, US)
What a beautiful set!

My first PaintGem set and these beauties are so cute. The size of each one is perfect to show off these images. Will definitely be back for more. Well done PaintGem.

Doors Edition
Vanessa (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Lovely set!

I love the Doors edition!
Had so much fun working on all the paintings.
Took it on several holidays with me and it was perfect for that.
And the designs itself are so cute.
Really happy with the quality too :)

Just remembered the one issue I had:
In all the pictures there’s two green colors used. And their symbols where quite difficult to differentiate. Please use different ones that are easier to tell apart in future renderings :)

Storage Kit
Johanna Arias (New Rochelle, US)
Love it

Love the item it’s going to make geming so easy for me

Butterfly Edition
Ashley Rose (Oklahoma City, US)

I'm just loving these butterflies! My first time ever using square drills. Little hard at first but getting the hang of it. Thanks PaintGem! 😊

Tiles Edition
Anonymous (Leander, US)
Perfect Set!

Just starting this hobby and it was perfect. I have an illness that causes lost focus and neuropathy,
and needed to find something to help. This has been perfect. I’m obsessed! I enjoy the peace it provides and the pretty art. I will be framing these and will order more when done.

Houseplants Edition
Customer (Denver, US)
Love these!

These are so much fun, so relaxing and come with everything you need to do them.

Doors Edition (Glen Burnie, US)

I just received today haven’t started any yet just add to my new addiction haha I’m with good company. The best part of these is the packaging. It allows you to switch between sets because it all comes so neatly packed. Great to take along with you on vacation or just chilling at home.

Around The World Edition 2 (Glen Burnie, US)
Around the world 2

Just received this today. It comes with 6 where must are 10 or 12 but I must say I think this may be my favorite. The landmarks are so easily recognizable and the attention to detail is absolutely incredible. I really can’t decide which picture i actually like best. This will for sure be framed. A must have for anyone who likes Diamond Painting.

Houseplants Edition
Jennifer Warner (Fort Worth, US)
Great set!

I was hesitant to start diamond painting but these little plants are so adorable and easy to do. I get the satisfaction of completing one in about an hour!

Rainbow Edition
SpiceyCatColors (Appleton, US)
Bright, colorful and fun!

I enjoyed working on all of these images; I am drawn to bright colors and this set didn't disappoint. I liked the variety of subject matter.

Butterfly Edition
Charity Voltz (Kingman, US)
Butterfly Fantasy

This was my first time doing diamond art. I love how the kits come with all accessories and if you want to explore other products the website is really creative.

Music Edition
Lauri Winters (Pittsburg, US)
Absolutely Beautiful

This Music Edition is probably my favorite so far. The colors, the pictures chosen, I just love it and will continue to be amazed by Paint Gem I’m sure.

Tuscany Edition
Nicole Achatz (West Linn, US)

The Tuscany ones are so pretty. I love the colors!

Bakery Edition
M.M. (San Francisco, US)

The bakery edition was fun to complete!

Floral Edition
Susan-Ray Everett (Boston, US)

First time trying diamond painting and this doesn’t disappoint. I love the smaller footprint of mini images and they look so beautiful once done. 10/10, I’m enjoying myself and can’t wait to buy more! My husband is even trying his hand at it with cocktails :)

National Parks Edition 2
DH (Thornton, US)
Most relaxing hobby ever!

I have loved all of the kits but the National Park kits are some of my favorites. I'm not a very crafty person but these are easy and quick for even me to do. I find the National Park kits to be very relaxing as the outdoor scenes are so much fun to bring to life. I'm currently working on the 2.0 kit and love these beautiful scenes.

Masks Edition
Sunapple (Oulu, FI)
My first mask

Nice image of Inca mask. Took me short time to finish and this is great after longer dps.

Doors Edition
Aimee Roberts (Chicago, US)
Beautiful doors except.....

I enjoyed working these little pictures and they turned out quite beautifully. However, two of the twelve doors are holiday themed (Halloween and Christmas). If I had wanted holiday themed pictures, I would have specifically ordered them. I'll find a way to use them but I was disappointed.

Retro Edition
Paulina Phillips (Waunakee, US)
Blast from the Past!

I’m an 80s kid, so this was a really cute and fun project. Love the vibrant colors and the fact that you can finish a picture in one sitting. Even the packaging is adorable. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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