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National Parks Edition
Love the 🌴!

I just absolutely love these Mini Kits! Sparkly Drills! Cute & fun little creations!

💕Happy Diamonding💕

What fun. Beautiful little DPs

Beautiful little Diamond painting kit. Perfect snack size for between big paintings.
Good quality.

Relaxing, Fun, Cute!

I've been streaming these on Twitch at and people seem to enjoy it. It's very relaxing and I love when the light hits these to make them sparkle! They're the perfect size to stay relaxing and not overwhelming; they can be completed in less than an hour. They're even packaged really nicely. I've really been enjoying these and definitely recommend them! YouTube video placeholder
Great fun

They’re the perfect size to complete one a day and a great way to relax. The drills are also good quality, all the same size and very few ‘trash’ drills!

Houseplants Edition
Andrea Mudd
Fun and Relaxing

I love the mini sets. It's easier for me and more fun to work on several mini images than one big one. Only 4 stars because some colors were actually the same gem when it should have been different. But still definitely worth the money, will order more in the future!
PS. Love the way they look framed too!

Floral Edition
Andrea M.
Fun and Relaxing

I love the mini sets. It's easier for me and more fun to work on several mini images than one big one. Only 4 stars because some colors were actually the same gem when it should have been different. But still definitely worth the money, will order more in the future!
PS. Love the way they look framed too!

I've only completed one of the pictures. Love how the Gateway Arch turned out. Can't wait to finish the other canvases. Excellent quality

Floral Edition
🌻 Sunflower 🌻

I just LOVE PaintGem Mini Kits! They are super cute & fun to create! The sparkle of the drills are fantastic! The quality of the canvas & drills are just perfect! 💕Happy Diamonding💕

National Parks Edition
Marlina Brannan
Amazing product!

This was my first purchase from this website. This kit was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and look of the diamonds and finished product. Completed in about a week. Ordering the matching set!

Houseplants Edition
Sarah Shults
Loved the kit but took a month to receive shipment

Paint Gem was my first gem painting kit that I bought. I didn’t want to commit to a huge canvas and then not finish if I didn’t enjoy it. This is a great starter set if you are interested in trying gem painting. The kit did come with everything and I loved the macaroon clay container. Overall a great kit just wish shipping was a lot faster.

Floral Edition
Tiffany Evans
Beautiful and fun!

Buying this set was my first time trying diamond painting. These small prints can be completed in an hour or so and that is perfect for my short attention span and very limited time as a mom to a toddler. I'm excited to frame them and add them to a gallery wall.

Great when you just want snack!

I saw the ads on IG, so another on of those IG made me buy it!!! Happy I did! Here is my video review for more detail. I am thinking of the space set next. YouTube video placeholder
Cocktails Edition
Elisabet Segovia Batlle

I really enjoyed working on these mini canvases. The quality of the diamonds is very good and they fit well. I will definitely repeat

Los diseños son preciosos y muy rápidos de hacer, los diamantes son de muy buena calidad y el resultado es increíble

Calidad excelente, muy rápidos de hacer debido a su tamaño y el resultado es muy bonito

Custom Sunflower Initial

This canvas was fun to do, looking forward to doing Enjoy the Little Things, You are My Sunshine. I really enjoyed doing the Custom Sunflower. I framed it and gave to a friend and she loved it. Thank you for making this possible. I did not get a picture before I gave to my friend, sorry.


Drills are excellent. For the size, pictures turned out beautiful.

Enjoyed this set

I love the outcome. The drills are excellent quality. Pictures are beautiful. I would buy from paint gem again.


I absolutely love these. I purchased these because they were smaller projects that felt like I didnt need to commit an entire month to. I have already completed 3, and I have purchased cute frames for them. I plan on ordering the the other kits as well, and I might be getting some for gifts. I 100000% recommend these.

Great Quality and fun size

I absolutely LOVE these kits! They arrived yesterday and I've already completed one! My only issue is the bags that the drills are shipped in. Mine were full of static electricity and it made kitting up the set a nightmare. Drills were jumping all over the place as I tried to get them out of the baggies and into my kit boxes. There was a high amount of loss, as a result. I am hoping and praying that there was enough overage in each bag to make up for the ones that stayed stuck inside the bags.

Floral Edition
Jessica Edholm
Floral edition minis was so fun!

Love the cute size of these paintings. They make great collages for a wall. They were perfect for my beach vacation. Easy to pack and each one took a small amount of time to complete whenever I wanted to just chill after a day of swimming in the sun. Not too much time away from family while getting my diamond painting fix in. Didn’t give 5 stars only because the grid was printed a tad too big for the diamonds causing a little gapping.

Quartz Pen ™
Love it!

I absolutely love this pen! So cute and I like it a lot better then the regular pens that come with the paintings!

Space Edition
Dana Clubb
So cute!

I've only done two of these so far but I love them! The drills are nice and uniform, very shiny. The adhesive is good. They're always fun to work on.

Wonderful Set

While I do absolutely love everything about this set (size, color, and all the kit extras), I am writing my review more about the customer service. I had ordered 3 kits and when I received the package (MUCH quicker than anticipated) only 2 of the kits were included. I reached out to customer service immediately and the turn around to fix the error happened in less than 12 hours. I received 3 separate emails along with a text letting me know my 3rd kit had been shipped. Never have I been so impressed by a company! This makes me excited to finish all of my kits so that I can order more!

Creating a memory 2

These are the best sizes for creating a memory board. I have enjoyed completing these even if they are square drills.

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