National Parks Edition 3
National Parks Edition 3
National Parks Edition 3

National Parks Edition 3

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


Capture the breathtaking beauty of America's most iconic national parks. Each design showcases the natural splendor and awe-inspiring landscapes of iconic parks like Redwood, Grand Teton, and the Virgin Islands.

Customer Reviews

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Annabelle L (Portage, US)
above and beyond

love this company! I’ve been somewhat of a “diamond art enthusiast” and this is by far the coolest kit i’ve gotten. the fact that the gems are already inside of tiny resealable bags when the package arrives says enough! i was so annoyed having to tear open these flimsy plastic packages only to put them into even more plastic. this helps cut down on waste and is SO convenient. the styles are cute (especially this national park set) and i do not regret my order one bit!

Jenn Guenter (Calgary, CA)
Great kit!

The national parks are my favourite kits. I’m making a photo album of all my completed works. There is great variety, and a fun way to learn about the different parks!

Kaitlyn Garcia (Colorado Springs, US)
National Parks edition 3

I love these paint gem so fun and relaxing.

Allison (Keller, US)
Love it

Great little set - love mixing them all up!

Tracy Velasquez (Gardena, US)

I finally caved and purchased a kit, as I've always been wary of the steeper price. The National Parks v3 appealed to me the most. So far it's been worth every penny! The quality of the kit is fantastic. I've gotten cheaper kits elsewhere that always have issues. I especially love that these are bite sized images I can do in one sitting without feeling overwhelmed but are still intricate enough to not be boring.

Tina (San Francisco, US)
Love it!

National Parks 3 has beautiful and varying scenes. Love them all!

Christy curtice (Foley, US)
National Parks Edition #3

I love this kit! I especially love the ones with a sunset in the background. I plan to frame these when I have the set all done.

JP (Fairfax, US)
Love These Kits!

I’m so glad I took a chance and started ordering these kits! It’s such a relaxing little treat to work on them.

Naomi Brown (Northampton, US)

Perfect destresser after a long day of teaching! I love this national parks kit and super beginner friendly

Cailey B (Denver, US)
Best One Yet!

National Parks 3 was definitely the best kit in the NP series so far. There are so many more colors involved and the designs are beautiful. I'm especially a fan of the Guadalupe Mountain design in this group. I look forward to doing Edition 4! :)

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