Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition
Houseplants Edition

Houseplants Edition

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


For all you green-fingered crafters out there, this houseplants set is a plant-powered dream come true. Add a touch of greenery to any room in your home, or make your own botanical-themed art collection.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Heatley (Manchester, GB)

I'm in love with these kits - easy to use and perfect for a bit of mindfulness. Great value for money too!

Kathie Beukema (Surprise, US)
Greenery Fun

Love the houseplant set. Made them into notecards and gave a set to a friend. She love them!!
Quality of materials is excellent, fun to do and lots of creative ways to use them.

Olivia H (St Louis, US)
Best kits for adhd

Small enough to do in one sitting, just long enough to be a relaxing activity for those who have brains that run a million miles an hour all the time! Also the PERFECT size to sit down with my 5 year old daughter and she can do one with me!!

Louise Cohen (Edgware, GB)
A piece of peace

I absolutely love these kits, bringing a bit of peace to my life that feels chaotic at the moment

Katja (Magdeburg, DE)
Absolutly Amazing!!

I'm honestly so shocked by the stunning quality of the product. Every detail and tiny add-on seems to be made with care and love. This seems like it wasn't made so they could sell hundreds and thousands of pieces, but instead made to be great and not be cheaply mass-produced. The price is almost too good. I can't wait to buy more!!

Anonymous (Hamilton, CA)
super fun!

I would totally buy this again! they were really easy to do and relaxing, it’s definitely worth it! I’m 100% getting another to do!

Kai (Herne Bay, GB)
Great For ADHD!!

I got this kit for something to do in my spare time, but it turned out to also be really great for my ADHD! With ADHD it’s hard to do large projects, like a lot of diamond art kits are, but with these little bite size ones I found that they perfectly fit my attention span and gave me a sense of achievement at the end of each one, as well as once I’d finished them all.

They give you a good amount of each colour so you don’t need to worry about loosing a few, and I found that the kit was very beginner friendly and easy to follow. The wax was a little bit tricky to work with and I didn’t find that the multiple placer head worked particularly well, but I found it more satisfying to use the individual one anyway. I think that perfectionists might get a little frustrated with the placement sometimes, but the gems are fairly easy to take off with the provided tweezers, and a few gems per bag have some defects, but as I said earlier, they give you plenty of them so you’re not forced to use the ones that might not look perfect.

Overall, I thought this kit was great! A good way to distract yourself for an hour or so, I’m already onto the Houseplants 2 kit and planning on ordering more!

I’ve attached a few photos of my favourite plants from the kit :)

S (Tyler, US)
So easy to get lost in

I love these kits, I have purchased several and plan to get several more! I really hope some of the ones that are out of stock will come back too!

Jessica Weeks (Patchogue, US)
Proud plant parent!

I love this set! Can't wait to finish them and order more. Helps me a ton with my anxiety.

Denise Charles (Seattle, US)

I absolutely love how tiny these are! The whole kit was well thought out and had everything I needed. I live in a small space so these are the perfect size!

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