Exotic Fruits Edition
Exotic Fruits Edition
Exotic Fruits Edition
Exotic Fruits Edition
Exotic Fruits Edition

Exotic Fruits Edition

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


Experience a taste of the tropics with this mouth-watering set of exotic fruit designs! Each design showcases a different fruit in vibrant and juicy colors. From the tangy sweetness of pineapples to the luscious richness of guavas, this set has something for every fruit lover.

Customer Reviews

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Brenna Morgan (Lebanon, US)

This set is great, I really love the vibrant colors. I could have used a bit more of the putty for the amount of gems. Otherwise all wonderful!

Sarah (Phoenix, US)
Relaxing fun!

I’ve wanted to do gem painting so bad and when I saw they had a fruit set, I knew I had to have it. I ended up completing the guava to give to my boyfriend since it’s one of his favorite fruits. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s so pretty and shimmers in the sunlight. I like that they have so many different options and intricacies.

K.N. (Seattle, US)

This is the first gem kit I've purchased. I have wanted to try gem kits since they came out years ago, but they were so big that they seemed intimidating. These are the perfect size. I love to do them while I listen to podcasts. I have a hard time focusing if my hands aren't busy so doing these while listening works great for me. Keeps my hands busy without requiring much brain power. I already have my next kits picked out.

So much fun!

These are the best! I love that the gems are square shaped and not round, and that the canvas is sticky. It makes it so easy to adjust the gems throughout working on the image!

B. (Plant City, US)
Wonderful and calming!

I love these kits! I have several by now and I keep buying more! 6 is just not enough!! (BRB, buying more kits!!)

Allyson (Plano, US)
Love it!

Love the fruit collection prints. So many different colors that keep it interesting.

Michelle (Seattle, US)
Love it!!

Bought these off a whim and I’m OBSESSED

Julia T (Pullman, US)
Favorite way to play with my food!

This kit is absolutely adorable! The dragonfruit, orange and papaya are my top favorite. It is very relaxing, I love that it's a hobby that I can pick up and put down as I want. I always look forward to spending time completing a fruit! I can't wait to buy more of the kits. They are not only relaxing, fun and adorable, but I plan on using them as some kitchen decor.

Larkin Taffoni (Chapin, US)
If you want this set, get it!

I adore this set! It is so colorful, very easy to use, and so relaxing. I was confused on how to use it at first, but they put a QR code inside the box that reveals a video tutorial. I always look forward to using these kits after a long day; they calm me down tremendously.

Lindsey Stall (Sarasota, US)
Absolutely love!

I got these kits because I wanted to try diamond art. I couldn’t find anything small that was worth doing. So I tried these and it’s the perfect brainless time killing activity. The kits are well organized and each art piece takes a committed hour. The fruit are fun and colorful and this was totally worth getting!

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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