Storage Kit
Storage Kit
Storage Kit

Storage Kit

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Kit includes:

  • A durable case with an area to hold any canvas sets and tools.
  • 30 slot gem containers with a foam holder.

Customer Reviews

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Fabi (Hanover, DE)
Good but not enough containers

A good product in itself, the extra compartment offers space for additional utensils. This means you have most of the accessories in one place. But what bothers me is that there aren't enough containers to sort all the colors. So too many have to stay in the bags. Unfortunately, the price is too high and there is simply not enough space. I will probably buy another storage kit online, one that has more containers. Sad that I spent quite a bit of money on this for nothing. But if you don't mind that there isn't enough space for all the colors, you'll be happy with your purchase.

Marissa Mace (Charlotte, US)
Only One Problem…

Now I definitely want all the sets! I LOVE the portability, so I can take my projects camping or to work for my breaks. The stickers come back off easily to replace them when needed. Everything fits perfectly, even though some of the gems have to stay in the bags because there are more colors than containers. The organization, compactness, and portability far outweigh that concern for me. 🥰 Now to see what else I need…

Gabrielle Martinez (Chicago, US)

It’s so useful! It does take a long time to get the drills into the bottles, but that’s kind of to be expected. They also tend to not have enough for all the colors kits come with, but in my opinion just getting most of them sorted into the containers is very helpful.

José María
Maletín recomiendo

Lo recomiendo mucho

Lusine (San Jose, US)
Misleading description of the item

First of all I love Paintgem, the kits are simply amazing. So I decided to buy the storage box as I am about to start my 4th kit.
Cons: It doesn't have enough containers for the Doors kit I am trying to organize in it, more than 10 colors are simply homeless(see the picture).
Also - if you organize one kit in there you will not be able to easily reuse it for another kit, as the color vs letter(character/number) is different from kit to kit. You will have to dump the leftover out and refill the new one plus stick the new stickers.
I still have not tried putting my tools in the storage compartment, I doubt it will fit with all the canvases.
One of the greens fit only half from the pouch into the container 😁

Pros: it has a cute Paintgem logo written on it. That's it.

I wish I had returned this storage box and just got one from Mr Bezos's online shop, but I was halfway filling the containers when I realized it's not going to fit. I am really disappointed!

Katy (Toronto, CA)

But excellent and made for the paint gems

Jasmine (Ottawa, CA)
Nice storage, but…

It’s super cute and kind of convenient… but a bit messy to set up, there weren’t enough little jars for all the gem colours and the tray, the placer thingy, and wax doesn’t fit, if I want to zip the case closed.

Tara Keliiheleua (Corvallis, US)
Perfect size

This storage container is just the right size. It’s a little difficult to get the gems into the containers at first, definitely a learning curve. Once I got them all organized and labeled, and with the little pocket to hold my tools and extra canvases, it’s my favorite evening activity to unwind.

Christine Dompier (Phoenix, US)

My first kit was the floral kit. I love the storage kit. It is big enough to carry everything I need.

Maryann P. (West Jordan, US)
Great Organizer!

I love being able to have easy visibility to each color without having to dig through a pile of bags. Having more slots for colors would be nice, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker.

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