Storage Kit
Storage Kit

Storage Kit

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Kit includes:

  • A durable case with an area to hold any canvas sets and tools.
  • 30 slot gem containers with a foam holder.
  • Compatible silicone funnel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leslie Halvorson (Homer, US)

So easy to load it all up and carry wherever!! Will probably buy another!!

Michele Tate (Lakeland, US)
Cute little storage container

This storage container is a great little system. The containers are smaller than similar units but are perfect for smaller kits. Can easily be taken wit you for travel. Then only thing is the two kits I got both had more then 30 colors.

First Impression.

This storage is the perfect size for travel. I like the small bottles and they go perfect with my mystery canvases.

Jami Padden (Elverson, US)
Perfect for beginners!

This kit is perfect for beginners. I ordered a few more jars to hold all the colors I got with my pack. I use the kit to carry all my colors need for one canvas at a time and its perfect to take on the go. It holds all my supplies I need for the piece and even some extra I got. Would totally recommend.

BZ (Staten Island, US)
Good, but the spout is terrible

Love the idea of an organizing set for Paintgem! However, the spout used for "easily" pouring gems in the plastic containers is a nightmare. The gems get stuck all over it, and it turned out to be much more trouble than it's worth. I find that if you carefully pour them right into the containers from the plastic bags, it's a lot easier.

JessicaM (Rahway, US)
Great Storage but...

Great storage to take your gem painting on the go. The one problem that I have is with the funnel that comes with the kit. The gems are extremely tiny an very prone to static cling. The gems would stick to the inside of the funnel and make it nearly impossible to fill the containers. Gems ended up falling everywhere as I tried to push the gem through the funnel. It was easier to cut the corner of the baggie the gems come in and pour the gems into the container that way. But now the problem is if I have any extra gems I no longer have baggie the gems came in since they have the corner cut off. Let's see how many gems I lost and if it will affect finishing any of the paintings

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