Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2
Space Edition 2

Space Edition 2

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


Embark on a cosmic journey into outer space with this mesmerizing set of designs featuring the most famous space events. From the first landing on the moon to the Sputnik satellite.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Sardiello Zamboni (Stockholm, SE)
ADHD Miracle

I tried out PaintGems after seeing several ads but I was very skeptical. Let me tell you it’s done wonders for my adhd, not many things can keep me entertained for very long but this has me absolutely hooked! Now all I look forward to at the end of a long day is a glass of wine, a movie and PaintGems. I cannot recommend it enough!! I bought this pack about two weeks ago and finished it within 3 days, currently ordering many more!

Michele Whitlock (Greenup, US)
So much fun!

These are tons of fun. I like to give mine fun names. 😆

Amanda (Rock Hill, US)
Fun designs & perfect size

I love all things space & astronomy, so I love these designs! The kits are the perfect size to work on throughout my work day when I just need to settle my brain for a few minutes. (They're great for conference calls!)

Elisabeth Pedersen (Bronnoysund, NO)
Amazing paintings

This is the 4 sett I have bought, and I can't wait to start it! You get everything you need in every packet, and is great for beginners as well as moere experienced artist. I use these paintings as a breake from bigger prodjects. Well worth the money and cosy pictures to show off 😀

Lexi Schwartz (Boyertown, US)
Fantastic for traveling!

I have been searching forever to get little diamond arts for when we are camping! These are absolutely perfect! Could not be happier with my purchases from here :)

Anne U. (Westfield, US)
Fun and Relaxing

Such a fun and relaxing hobby! Love doing one of these in the evening instead of constantly being on my phone!

Christina S. (Middletown, US)

I am loving this! Such a fun hobby. Absolutely love that everything needed came with the kit! My boys will love their “pretty space pictures”!

Space Geek

This set is so much fun! If you love anything space and are looking for a fun craft this is your kit. Paint Gem has the best drills with a quality finished look.

ElleSBee (Austin, US)
Out of this world…literally

These kits are really fun and relaxing. I just got into diamond painting and love it. I complete them after work while watching tv. The kit has all you need. The colors and patterns are vibrant. The adhesive is sticky and the gems stick well and are a plenty enough where I lost a bit of them here and there and I still had extras. The pieces are sized and can be framed. I enjoyed this one so much, I also purchased the regular Space Edition as well and can’t wait to complete it.

Samantha Williams (Hagerstown, US)
Has everything you need to get started

The kit provides everything that you could possibly need to get started. Its a great kit to use if you are just getting started with gem painting.

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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