Ocean Edition
Ocean Edition

Ocean Edition

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Canvas set


Introducing the ocean life set, a celebration of the magnificent creatures that call the sea their home. This set features a variety of designs showcasing some of the ocean's most fascinating creatures, including sharks, octopuses, and jellyfish.

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Olson (East Grand Forks, US)
Ocean Edition

Love this set, the colors are so beautiful.

Anonymous (York, GB)
Fantastic to get away from screens

My uni stocked some of these to have little 'crafternoons'. Super addictive and a great alternative to mindless scrolling. I get so focused on the design that I forget what I'm anxious about in the moment too, it's very therapeutic!

Christine Arters (Erie, US)
My boys loves these

After getting a set for myself my boys wanted to get a set. They picked the ocean edition. They already completed a few and have their eyes on the bug set next.

Tom Towell (Calabash, US)

In all my 84 years of life I have never enjoyed a hobby so much! The ocean set is so fun and colorful!

Lisa Marie (Cedarville, US)
Vibrant Colors

This set is so much fun because there’s so many more colors than others!

Jonathon McCann (Round Rock, US)
Great kits with some caveats

I’m not new to diamond painting or gem art (have quite a few large designs from other companies), but wanted to give these kits a try. First things first, I really like the 8-bit designs of these animals; the design was a great choice. They convey what the design is without trying to be super realistic, which rarely works on anything smaller than 16”x20” etc. They’re stylistically different than the other gem art designs I have. They also are nostalgic for me since I’m in my early 30s and they remind me of GameBoy color games. Most of the kits are also pretty easy to use, and the designs don’t take too long which is great if you just need to wind down during lunch or after work, or give them to a kid to do on a rainy day. The free stylus was also higher quality than I was expecting, and I love that you can put the other-sized tips on the other end. I will say, I didn’t see much use for the 6-gem tip in this kit, I only used the standard singular one and the 3-gem tip. Overall, I will absolutely buy from yall again (they had a buy one kit, get a free mystery kit deal this time), especially if you add more ocean animal designs or other animal/dinosaur designs in general. I would also like to say that this was my first kit ever to have square diamonds and after getting the hang of it, they’re great. They fit together really well when the canvas fills up and the design looks more uniform and full than some of my circular diamond designs. I highly recommend y’all purchase a kit from these folks.

Now let me explain why this is only getting 4 stars instead of 5. This may just be concentrated on my specific unit, and they may be issues that but me because I’ve completed many kits of all sizes from several companies, but there were issues I wanted to bring up. (Pls keep in mind that the first two issues are minor) First, there are more manufacturing defects than I would expect in these gems. I consider this a premium price point given the number of diamonds and size of the designs vs the price, and there were more manufacturing defects in the diamonds than kits I’ve gotten from Amazon for $3-6. Second, several of the bags of gems arrived open. Luckily, they were all very different colors so the stray diamonds in the shrink-wrapped plastic were able to find their homes, but it was annoying and could have been a disaster. Finally, and my main reason for giving this 4/5 stars: a few of the designs are just hard to read. The letters/symbols blend into the color printed on the canvas, and there are several similar colors with similar symbols/letters that are all equally hard to read. Again, not what I expect from a premium kit and more aligned with the cheaper kits I’ve gotten from Amazon.

Noelle (Dedham, US)
Perfect snow day activity!

Love sitting down, putting a movie on, and diamond painting the day away while the snow falls!

Arlene Pie (Kerman, US)
Love this set

Love each picture. They are so cute. I put the first half together for my grandson’s bedroom. It’s so adorable!

Kayla Hutchison (Fort Saskatchewan, CA)
So cute !

I just completed my first gem art , my son loves turtles so I bought the ocean edition for the turtle 🐢 love love love it !!

Debbie (Winston-Salem, US)

I just loved doing these they are so addictive

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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