Mushrooms Edition
Mushrooms Edition

Mushrooms Edition

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


Unleash the mystique of nature with our Mushrooms set. Embrace the beauty and the diversity of these enchanting fungi.

Customer Reviews

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L.C. (Beaver Falls, US)
Love love LOVE!

This is my third box and maybe my favorite. So satisfying and relaxing!

Nenner (Lawton, US)

These are fairly simple designs so you can get through them fairly quick so I’m glad that there are 16 of them.

Audrey M. (Chicago, US)
Mental Health Must-Have

Working on these has been so therapeutic and a nice distraction from everyday stress. I highly recommend for those who are meticulous like me... popping those gems into holes you've created is so satisfying!

Camille Burns (The Bronx, US)

These mini art projects are a great way to just *tune out* for an hour or two. I tend to finish them in 1 sitting because I love to put them in a mini frame when I finish them. The morels look just like the real thing!

Elisabeth Seigel (Cary, US)
Love Paintgem but I think my kit is mislabeled

This is my fourth Paintgem kit and the first three have been fantastic. My mushroom kit seems to have come with mislabeled colors. My "6" 3790, doesn't seem to match the canvas colors (see oyster mushroom). I also have a few colors that are so similar that I'm losing detail of the mushrooms (see enoki).

Aspen Rain (Gardiner, US)
Just a Concern

Alright, first I want to say I understand and I’m not THAT upset about it. The first kit I got was the flower one and I had no problems with the gems. Now I ordered my third- the mushroom kit- and I understand mistakes happen and other gems get into the bags that are not their own because they are very small little things. What frustrates me is there are colors in the gem pallet that don’t even belong in the kit. And there are two of the very similar colors that are in the same bag and I have to individually pick them apart, which may not be a big deal but I know there will be some people that won’t be able to tell the different shades/hues apart which is a bit discouraging. I know I will not have any more issues other than that. I just hope because PaintGem continues to grow and creates more and new exciting kits that they are still being careful and don’t make these mistakes frequently. (Just to confirm yes I have left over gems from my previous kits, but I keep them separate and the mixed mashed was there when I opened the box brand new) Otherwise, I seriously love how each of these mushrooms looks and the color pallet itself is very ‘earthy’. The designs themselves are gorgeous. I can’t wait to finish this kit.

Emilie (East Alton, US)

Got some for my boyfriend and I stayed at it for hours making these

Anonymous (McAllen, US)
fun fun funn

had such a good time working on these and i finished them all in about a week ✨

Lindsay Matthews (Wilton, US)
Happy to have a new hobby!

I’ve been looking for a new hobby for quite some time but never wanted to commit to the up front costs that many crafts have. Luckily with the affordable prices and all materials included with the kits, paintgem was the perfect thing to try! I’m already half way through the mushroom set and I’m so happy with how everything is turning out. I’m looking forward to starting my next kit! Highly recommend.

Samantha Lemons
Love these!!

Not quite finished yet but so happy with this set!

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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