Mandala Edition
Mandala Edition

Mandala Edition

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


This set shows the beauty and intricacy that can be achieved through the ancient art of mandalas. Each mandala is a unique work of art, featuring different symmetrical patterns with vibrant colors.

Customer Reviews

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Kris (Sacramento, US)
Easy and pretty!

Very pretty end result! Not too tedious. It was my first try at this.

Amber McKenzie (Columbus, US)

While I've done a few diamond paintings before, this was my first try at using square drills. I am hooked! I love that I can get these done it one sitting, it's super satisfying to watch them all go into place, and the designs are super cute!

Amy Smulo (New York, US)
Love all the colors and shapes!

This was my first time doing one of these and I loved it. Great product.

Marion Donohoe (Swindon, GB)
So cute.

Lovely designs in such bright colours. Really enjoyed this kit

Marly L (Irvine, US)
So relaxing

They're so pretty and relaxing to do. Imma order more cause I'm almost out.

Samantha Miller (Danville, US)
Perfect Size!

These are such a perfect size, I am now addicted & see what people love about them so much I do prefer to use metal tweezers I feel they could upgrade the kit with metal tweezers!

Alida Xavier (Sunderland, GB)
Best kind of Therapy

In love, definitely happy with my purchase. First one took me a longer than expected to complete but now I’m so much faster. Best gifting idea as well, plenty of DIY opportunities :)

Glad the add popped into my feed :)

Marcia A. (Strawberry Plains, US)
I loved this kit!

Great quality and the designs were so pretty! Can’t wait to order more!

Sarah C (Omaha, US)
Love this!

Bought this kit for myself as a Christmas present. Love that these are smaller and not as overwhelming to me. Everything was ready to go right away and the box is a great little storage kit! Will definitely be purchasing more for gifts and for myself.

S Greenwood (Escondido, US)
I’m hooked!

My son gave me a floral diamond painting set for Christmas, and I was amazed at how addictive and satisfying it was to create beautiful designs. I’ve made them into cards for loved ones and framed a couple as well. When I was finished with all of the cards, I went through withdrawals! I ordered the mandala edition and just love the designs and vibrant colors.
Thank you for giving me the chance to feel like an artist!

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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