Houseplants Edition 2
Houseplants Edition 2
Houseplants Edition 2

Houseplants Edition 2

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Each kit comes equipped with everything you need to complete the set

Canvas set


For all you green-fingered crafters out there, this houseplants set is a plant-powered dream come true. Add a touch of greenery to any room in your home, or make your own botanical-themed art collection.

Customer Reviews

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April Myers (Blue River, US)
Love them!

I love how little they are and how quickly I can get them done. Makes for a nice change from the big canvases!

Kaitlin Croes (Lakeville, US)
House Plants Edition 2.0 and Mystery Edition

I love the way these look in frames (i took out the glass so it would sparkle) So fun to decorate my house with. Also enjoying the mystery edition as you don’t know what it is until you’re done!

Erin (Baltimore, US)
Love these!!

I love these it’s now become an obsession to collect them. Please keep coming up with awesome mini patterns.

Molly Cripe (Temple, US)
Best Hobby Ever!!

I have recently purchased 3 of these kits and am COMPLETELY addicted! I highly recommend if you are looking for a craft that doesn’t require a huge time commitment.

Maria Z. (Sidney, US)
Mystery kit - so much fun

Adorable paintings under many categories. I’ll just show one. I like the element of surprise.

CM (New York, US)
So fun!

Really enjoyed this new edition!

Holly (Pleasant Grove, US)
So relaxing!

Very good quality activity. Even down to the accessories. The gem paint kit is well worth the price!

Jill Suffel (Owings Mills, US)
Best purchase!

I bought Houseplants 2 .0 and the original one and I’m obsessed! This is so much fun, so easy and I feel accomplished because I can do an entire
one in one sitting! Can’t wait to buy more!

Nenner (Lawton, US)
Absolutely loved this set

It’s one of my top five sets that I’ve done. It’s much better in my opinion than the V1. It took longer to do than the first and had more color variation. It seemed like the images were bigger and more complex than those in the first kit. It would have five stars except that the quality of the gems were not that great for a couple of the colors. A lot of misshapen gems with holes/bubbles, I had to keep removing a bunch because I’m not one to inspect each individual gem before I place it especially when I’m using the multi-gem tips. In one image you can see the light green gems that weren’t usable sitting at the top of the jar I put them in; they’re all from the same color on the very first plant I did. I know that no kit is going to be defect free, but the amount in this color was highly frustrating.

E. Potter (Vancouver, US)

I really love doing these, I'm low key a little addicted. The end result looks like mosaic tiles and the size is perfect for a short project. I'm going to frame and hang them up in my kitchen when I'm done.

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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