Geometric Edition
Geometric Edition

Geometric Edition

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Each kit include everything you need

Canvas set


Dive into a world of symmetry and create mind-bending visuals that defy perception.

Customer Reviews

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Toni Weyman (Rye, GB)
very trippy but cool

it was a very trippy set to complete but most of them were okay to do only a few were a bit messy with the eyes lol

Christine Dixon (Sittingbourne, GB)
Love this set

This set caught my eye straight away with it’s vibrant colours and I wasn’t disappointed when I purchased it.The kit arrived very quickly from America.This is the best kit I have bought.

Meryssa Stone (Kernersville, US)

I cannot explain how calming it is doing these! It’s great to take a break from all the chaos in life and our phone screens and just do something that creates a fun piece of art. I definitely recommend giving these a try 😊

Rochelle Trebble (Swindon, GB)

I love this set. Was fun to do. Can't rate more stars ...

Victoria Mojuta (Phoenix, US)
Paint gem

I really love the colors and the design 😍. Can't wait to order my next kit..

Zs (Melbourne, AU)
Great fun

Its great fun to do the geometric edition, I am halfway through and feeling more chilled and relaxed 😌 I gonna have to start thinking about framing them soon as they look super colorful and cool :)

Sam Lucero (Rogers, US)

Alright another review! I didn’t think I would love these as much as I do since it came off a FB ad but holy cow someone put a lot of thought into these! I’ve done a lot of different diamond paintings and never finish them because it’s too much of a commitment. However, if you get easily overstimulated and crave order and ASMR in your life like me, you should totally grab one of these.

Things I appreciate:
The little baggies are resealable and color coded (they’re in individual bags so no accidently ripping open the wrong one 😠)

It comes with 12 small designs so you’re not constantly dealing with the sound of wrinkling plastic while working or getting sticky shit on your hands or dealing with rolled up fabric that won’t lay flat

It comes with a little cloth baggie with just the basic tools needed. No grabbing a ton of ziplocs or needing other storage options

Lots of different design options/themes! I got the geometric and mandalas because I have ocd and straight lines relieve stress 😂

Storage is a dream. All fits perfectly back in the box and is an easy/quick clean up. The packaging is also very nice (did I mention I have ocd?)

These are perfect if you have ADHD because within an hour or 2 you’re done and can actually manage to finish a project!

Also, not terribly expensive!

Samantha Miller (Danville, US)
Love It!

These are such a perfect size for a enjoyable single session, I find I don't stress myself to much doing these smaller ones!

mads (Leicester, GB)
5 stars

I love these so much. I've not finished all of the diamond paintings yet, but they're perfect little projects, none of the pressure of a huge canvas too. I particularly love the colour blocking on this set - it's my favourite part of a diamond painting, so they're a dream. Drill quality is great too!

Contessa Johnson (Gray, US)
Love it

This is like my nine kit. I really love doing them in between my big diamond paintings. So keep up the great job PaintGem.

Peel off the clear film that covers the adhesive canvas

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