Custom Sunflower Initial

$26.90 $34.90

Our all-in-one kits have everything you need to finish your craft - from the high quality woven canvas to the cute wax jar.

Size (cm) 20x20 cm
Size (in) 8'' x 8''
Total gems 6,400
Colors 16

Each kit includes everything you need to complete the artwork.

Adhesive canvas

The pattern is printed on the canvas

Colorful gems

Packed in a zip-lock bags


Easily place single or multiple gems


Organize the gems for easy access


Keeps your applicator sticky


Adjust the gems positioning


Easy step-by-step guide

*Frame is not included*

Paint with gems in a 6 simple steps

Peel off

Peel off the protective layer covering the canvas

Dip in wax

Dip the applicator in the cookiewax jar

Pour gems

Pour the gems from a single color into the tray

Pick up

Pick up a single or multiple gems


Place on the corresponding symbol


When finished frame and hang your masterpice

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